A soulmate is someone you were destined to meet.

To me, that person is my best friend Candice.  Candice is someone I can call a blessing because she is the sister I never had.  Sure, we have our moments where she is the most annoying person I know but I always find myself calling or texting her first if I ever have a problem, big or small.  Our time together might not be as long as other friendships but that does not mean that it means any less.  Meeting Candice and becoming friends with her during the first year of high school might be the best decision I have ever made.  Candice is different to me than any of my other friends.  She’s like family.  I am the most comfortable around her and I can talk about anything with her.  Her house is my second house and her family is my second family.  The memories and inside jokes I have with her might be the stupidest but they are all cherished and left a tremendous impact on my life.