After listening to the podcast about how electric waves can be sent to the brain in order to trigger specific reactions out of a person, it made me think about how far humans have come and will go in regards to technology.  This machine could affect the performance of people such as athletes who require focus and agility in order to compete to their full potential.  Also, students, especially those taking rigorous classes, could benefit greatly from using this machine as they would need to memorize and concentrate on more subjects and take in a greater amount of concepts and information.

Although this machine could have benefits, it could lead to negative outcomes as well.  For instance, the power of the machine could be abused as some people would begin to depend on this machine for performance rather than hard work and practice.  Also, the machine would give an unfair advantage to those who have it versus those who do not.  For example, a student who used the machine would score better on an exam and study for a less amount of time than a student who did not have access to the machine and studied for a longer amount of time.

This podcast got me thinking, if a simple machine that costs $20 to make could cause all these amazing improvements to a person’s performance, what else could be created that could shape the future of our generation?  Could machines actually replace the entire human work force? If so, then what would happen to the human society and its economy?  I would not be lying if I was to say that the future scares me.  To live in a world controlled by robots and machines seems cold and inhumane.  This idea of being able to improve brain function with a simple machine seems like something out of a dystopian novel, like the novel Fahrenheit 451 I read during freshman year.  Everyone seems disconnected with each other, so dependent on technology to carry on their daily lives.

Technology is so important to our society and to be honest I do not think that I could live without it.  However, the truth is, it is a distraction to my priorities such as friendships and schoolwork.  Whether I’m out to eat lunch with my friends or I’m out with family, I’m constantly checking my phone for a Snapchat or a text message.  I, along with many teenagers of my generation, have become so dependent on technology that we forget the most important values of life such as family and friends.  This podcast reinforced to me the fact that technology was only going to advance and if I wanted to keep my connections and relationships with my loved ones, it was up to me to make the effort to try and build relationships.