During the 1930s, there were devastating dust storms and droughts that affected the Canadian prairies and the American plains.  The wind erosion that occurred due to the droughts caused the Dust Bowl, which destroyed millions of acres, forcing tens of thousands of families to abandon their farms.Image result for dust bowl

The cause?


Yeah, the great problem that forced some Americans to change their entire way of life was caused by none other than themselves.  The Dust Bowl was caused by over-farming, over-grazing, and poor farm practices, all situations caused by humans, all situations we could have prevented.

It’s been proven by science, humans will be the key to the end of life as we know it.  The nonchalance we have towards the devastation of life is unbelievable.  We act in denial of the fact that we are killing the very thing that keeps us alive.

Well, it’s not like earth’s death is going to happen anytime soon.

True, it may take hundreds of years before earth is completely devastated and done for.  So does that give us the authority to keep overusing and overproducing?  If we keep going at this pace, the end is inevitable.  What’s going to happen in a hundred years?  Are we going to just forget that there are going to be future generations depending on us to keep this earth habitable?

Recently, my friend told me about a substitute she had for her AP Environmental Science class.  He was completely against the idea that humans were the cause of the devastation of earth.  It is still absurd to me that someone would go into an Environmental class and contradict the whole entire course, but everyone has their opinions, valid or not.

My friend also told me some of the things that he said.

“Turbines should not be placed because they are making our beautiful earth ugly.”

“So what about all these factories pushing out smog?”

“Well at least they have a purpose.”

According to him, turbines, that can produce so much energy without harming the environment, are ruining the earth’s landscape and should not exist because they do not have a purpose but the oh so mighty factories, that contribute to pollution, are completely okay because they are beneficial to society.  Makes sense.

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So how was the problem with the Dust Bowl solved?  The solution to the Dust Bowl was by government action.  In June 1933, the US government created a federal agency called the Soil Erosion Service.  This agency  gave incentives to farmers who were able to turn the not arable land used for crop production into permanent pastures or forests.  Other measures such as building terraces and drainage outlets, contour farming, and crop rotation were implemented.  These measures were successful and by 1938, blowing soil was reduced by 65 percent.

The only way we can ensure that our future generations will have a place to live and actually know what the color green looks like is by realizing the effects of human greed.  In order to try to somewhat reverse the damage done by humans, we need to understand that it is us humans that are ignorant enough to be killing the very thing keeping us alive.  We need to be thinking about the amount of time that we have before we have overused our resources and overstayed our welcome on our very own home planet.  And of course, after recognizing this, we need to take action.

It seems as to me as though the only time anyone takes action to establish the need to fix the environment is when something detrimental, such as the Dust Bowl happens.  Until something like this takes place, people are in a state of denial, pretending as if the changes on earth that we are causing are not occurring.  It’s baffling that there are still people, like the APES substitute, who believe that global warming and water level risings are hoaxes and as long as people like this exist, we can not establish a healthy environment where the children of our future generation can run and play.

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